Traveling Boudoir | Fall 2016

Traveling Boudoir Dates… I am excited to announce some upcoming travel dates for the Fall 2016! I get a decent amount of clients that travel to Houston to shoot with me… I love that my job allows me to meet people from all over the US! (And even 2 international clients! what what!? hehe) Well this […]


Feeling like royalty… Houston Boudoir Studio

I love getting to share photos from my client’s boudoir photo shoots! Mrs. B came to me looking for a creative gift for her husband as a way to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. They got married in New Orleans like my husband and I, so we had an instant connection! Check out the gorgeous photos below […]


Studio Wardrobe | part two

THE STUDIO WARDROBE IS EXPANDING…again Well I did it again…I went on a little shopping spree for the studio’s lingerie closet! Lucky for my clients! This time I wanted to focus on larger sizes, after all the average woman in America wears a dress size of 12-14. All of the photos below are images taken […]


The Studio Wardrobe

The Studio Wardrobe Is Expanding   Can you guess what one of the best parts of my job is? The studio wardrobe is officially expanding! … Shopping and not feeling guilty! Seriously though! Over the years I have slowly collected various lingerie items and accessories. Recently I have been thinking about kicking it up a notch so […]


New Studio: Update

Houston Boudoir Studio Lighthouse Boudoir Has a Home! It’s been about 5 months since I’ve moved into the new studio and it’s really starting to feel like home. Since opening our doors in January we’ve had 32 boudoir shoots! Wahoo! The #1 Houston Boudoir Studio I have received great feedback from my clients. They love the unique loft feel that […]


Hallie Sunsinger

Hi, dear! Aunt Hallie (aka Aunt Karen) here. I just have to tell you what an awesome photographer I think you are and how totally happy I am for you that you’re living your dream! I know how it feels, from the years in my life that I was a singer, to suddenly have the realization that this is your life that is happening. I remember many times when I’d think ” I’m getting paid to do this?” It’s so obvious in your work that you were born to be a photographer because of what you capture that others can then see as you see it, and appreciate it. Hope we see one one another soon. I’ll be seeing your Grandpa not this weekend but next. Maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere and have offer. Love you, lady, and congratulations again🎉😄